As Time Goes By

Hello ya'll. It's summaaatime. Ok so I am sorry it's been a while. Yes I know, I know. But we are gettin' back to bidness and will be posting more I swear.

I wanted to let you all know about the new exciting things going on in my life. I have a new line of necklaces and a website to view the wears at!! 

I recently had a sale at Hester Street Fair in New York. It went really well and I met some cool peeps.
(Like these two awesome old ladies who are now my style icons and my goal for my future old lady self.)

I know have my website up and I'm selling things from my latest line called "As Time Goes By". The past few months I was having a crisis about whether what I was doing was making a difference and I really feel that this line is my response to that. 

"As Time Goes By" is a collection about empowering women. Using the frame of vintage pocket watches, I have created unique necklaces inspired by a great woman in history. Ten percent of the profits are donated to Girls Inc. a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering girls and young women.

I am loving the response. It is bringing women together to celebrate other women in what they wear. I couldn't ask for anything better. Aw.

The site:

Check it out and tell me your thoughts!


Riot Not Diet

Hey dads & lads! So looks like us Gotham Grrrls were on the same wavelength today. We got dressed separately, but I feel that our outfits work well together while still preserving elements of our individual sensibilities. Ya dig? 

Blazer: Anthro
Dress: Prada borrowed from Mom
Socks: Jcrew
Oxfords: Topshop
Hat made by me, Ryan Elisabeth

Dress & cardi borrowed from my Mamasita (Happy late Mothers' Day, Mom!). Doc Martens, self explanatory. 

Hat handmade by the lovely, talented, and effervescent Ryan.

Star inspired by harlequins, mimes, and CocoRosie. 

And this post's namesake. Riots not Diets, ladies! Pin from Bluestockings. 


Paper Bag

Sorry Gotham Girls has been on an unofficial hiatus. There is honestly no excuse for why we haven't been posting. But, here is some outfit nonsense to hold you over. I promise there is more to come.

Poncho: Flea find
Socks: Free Peeps
Rain boots: Hunter
Hat: Me



Better Than Fine

Hi Boys & Girls! This week has been crazy in college land, as the end of the semester is close at hand. We've been real busy and sleep deprived so this is just a wee lil post of casual saturday outfits for darting around doing errands & going to the farmer's market. Nothing life-changing.

 T-shirt: Madewell
Sweater: Mara Hoffman
Viking Braided hat/scarf: Mara Hoffman
Pants: Prada
Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger
Socks: Free People
Shoes: Roger Clergerie thrifted via Buffalo

Scarf: Sister's gift from trip to Rome
Jacket: H&M
Shirt: Kimchi & Blue
Pants: Target (as my mom says Tar-jayyy)
Shoes: Topshop


Asking For It

So much to say!!!! Sorry we've been away for a while. Last weekend we went to Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg. It is the clothing mecca for hipster types looking to trade clothes for even more ridiculous clothes. We both lugged huge bags of unwanted clothes to another burrow only to be met with a mass of angry hipsters trying to snatch our finds or cut us in line. It was not very fun to say the least. Upside: we both had some cool finds. Mattie with this dress of sheer awesomeness and Ryan with the purple sweater and never-ending shoulders.

Dress: Beacon's Closet
Shoes: Margiela
Bag: Phillip Lim
T-Shirt:  Topshop Unique thrifted from Beacon's
 Coat: Tommy Hilifiger

Sweater: Beacon's find
Lace pants I made last year
Tights: DKNY

Sidenote: when Ryan stepped out on the street in this sweater three guys instantly started heckling and saying "mmm, ay baby I like your sweater" etc etc. Can we talk about how annoying this is?? What gives men the right to comment on our clothing, body, and appearance so openly in public?  We don't say anything when they're fat or wearing pants that are too tight. Anyway, Mattie totally shut them up/put them in their place with some sass. 

May we direct you to Arabelle of Fashion Pirates' post on tumblr from a couple days ago, expressing a similar frustration. I think this issue is something that most women have experienced/ deal with regularly, and mostly just have learned to accept and internalize as part of being a woman. Just another instance in our society where we are seen instead of heard. This is why I think it's important to talk back to these dudes, even if you feel scared or embarassed at first, or like you don't know what to say. They need to know that you have a voice, you are not a 2D image on a billboard, frozen and immobilized on a screen or inside a picture frame. And just because you're into fashion and wear something deemed "weird" or "outlandish" by most people, is not an invitation for commentary. The freedom to express our selves and our imaginations through clothing does not mean 
we're "asking for it."

x Mattie & Ryan

Both Sides Now

Last semester I was taking a class where we had to make an outfit and wear it to class everyday. Yes, I know! At first I sort of freaked out and told everyone I knew to send me their old clothes so I could reconstruct things with them. Among the things sent to me was a dress from my grandma. She had worn it in her 20's to a hopping party only to find her friend wearing the same dress. Gasp! Anyway, I sort of tucked it away and only recently pulled it out and tried it on. It fit like a glove (my grandma is only 5'2" so it was surprising). I love the dress and have been wearing it despite the obviously browning lace and too short sleeves.

I paired it with a necklace I made last week. The pendant at the bottom is from a vintage chandelier that I found at the Chelsea Flea. I love the idea of repurposing old things and bringing the stories that go with them out for a second life. I am constantly inspired by my grandma's mom because of this. Hearing her story and looking at her clothes is always very inspiring for me. Below is a collage I did about her.

Happy Sunday!



Ready To Start

I couldn't let happenstance/serendipity/alignment of fates to go unblogged today.

Today. My dad was on a plane headed to Port au Prince, Haiti... Wait. To set this up me and my dad share a deep love for the band Arcade Fire. I love Regine's sparkly beaded gloves and my dad wishes he could pull off Win's surgery cut. We send lyrics to each other and watched their entire performance in Madison Sq. Garden on Youtube.

So today while waiting in line my dad sees Will Butler, Win's younger brother. Strikes up a conversation. Ends up getting a picture with Regine and Win. My jealousy is through the roof but somehow because he met them, I met them. It's like the world is saying "Yes, Ryan, keep practicing your accordion." I am also in the beginning stages of drafting a fan letter/love letter to Regine to tell her how awesome she is.

Adorable right?? Basically, if you have never listened to Arcade Fire please do. They talk about childhood lost and layer so many interesting sounds - I really love em. And you will too!