Riot Not Diet

Hey dads & lads! So looks like us Gotham Grrrls were on the same wavelength today. We got dressed separately, but I feel that our outfits work well together while still preserving elements of our individual sensibilities. Ya dig? 

Blazer: Anthro
Dress: Prada borrowed from Mom
Socks: Jcrew
Oxfords: Topshop
Hat made by me, Ryan Elisabeth

Dress & cardi borrowed from my Mamasita (Happy late Mothers' Day, Mom!). Doc Martens, self explanatory. 

Hat handmade by the lovely, talented, and effervescent Ryan.

Star inspired by harlequins, mimes, and CocoRosie. 

And this post's namesake. Riots not Diets, ladies! Pin from Bluestockings. 


  1. I love Ryan's dress! Super cool post. And I also love the star and pin.

  2. beautiful girls!!!!!love both the looks!