Asking For It

So much to say!!!! Sorry we've been away for a while. Last weekend we went to Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg. It is the clothing mecca for hipster types looking to trade clothes for even more ridiculous clothes. We both lugged huge bags of unwanted clothes to another burrow only to be met with a mass of angry hipsters trying to snatch our finds or cut us in line. It was not very fun to say the least. Upside: we both had some cool finds. Mattie with this dress of sheer awesomeness and Ryan with the purple sweater and never-ending shoulders.

Dress: Beacon's Closet
Shoes: Margiela
Bag: Phillip Lim
T-Shirt:  Topshop Unique thrifted from Beacon's
 Coat: Tommy Hilifiger

Sweater: Beacon's find
Lace pants I made last year
Tights: DKNY

Sidenote: when Ryan stepped out on the street in this sweater three guys instantly started heckling and saying "mmm, ay baby I like your sweater" etc etc. Can we talk about how annoying this is?? What gives men the right to comment on our clothing, body, and appearance so openly in public?  We don't say anything when they're fat or wearing pants that are too tight. Anyway, Mattie totally shut them up/put them in their place with some sass. 

May we direct you to Arabelle of Fashion Pirates' post on tumblr from a couple days ago, expressing a similar frustration. I think this issue is something that most women have experienced/ deal with regularly, and mostly just have learned to accept and internalize as part of being a woman. Just another instance in our society where we are seen instead of heard. This is why I think it's important to talk back to these dudes, even if you feel scared or embarassed at first, or like you don't know what to say. They need to know that you have a voice, you are not a 2D image on a billboard, frozen and immobilized on a screen or inside a picture frame. And just because you're into fashion and wear something deemed "weird" or "outlandish" by most people, is not an invitation for commentary. The freedom to express our selves and our imaginations through clothing does not mean 
we're "asking for it."

x Mattie & Ryan


  1. So glad women of your generation are developing strong feminist skills!

  2. That is an 80's sweater for sure! Angora, shoulder pads and purple were all the thing in the early 80's!

  3. Ugh, I haaaaaate that! I've been called a bitch so many times because I told some loser to fuck off after HE said something lewd to ME! Men can be such pigs. On a brighter note, this sweater is amazing.

  4. well put ladies! i can't believe this still happens all the time even if as Americans we claim to be so ahead of any other culture in terms of gender equality. psh, excuse me? is cosmo still on magazine racks? is every billboard and advertisement infected with overtly objectified, probably underage, photo-shopped, make-believe women for men to oggle at? In turn do WE get oggled at and hollered at as if we can't talk back just like the women in those ads? YES. it's very frustrating. that's my rant for the day. AND sweet clothes, you girlies look absolutely lovely!

  5. Ah I've literally had your website open since yesterday to remind me to leave a comment on here so guess my surprise when you beat me to it! I'm loving all these finds, particularly the angora sweater because Me and Lesley Hall love a bit of bejeweled angora.

    Mattie I think your hacked off hair looks super sick, envious because I spent years with my hair super short and then decided to grow it out. What shade of pink are you aiming for? Excited to see how it turns out!

  6. yay!! haha yes I love the sweater too! it's so ugly/pretty which is always a great paradox. Ryan was unsure of it, so she'll be happy to know it has some kool fans out there in the blogosphere.

    thanks for commenting back lady! ummm i'm actually thinking of doing pastel blue and purple all mixed together. Any tips?