Ready To Start

I couldn't let happenstance/serendipity/alignment of fates to go unblogged today.

Today. My dad was on a plane headed to Port au Prince, Haiti... Wait. To set this up me and my dad share a deep love for the band Arcade Fire. I love Regine's sparkly beaded gloves and my dad wishes he could pull off Win's surgery cut. We send lyrics to each other and watched their entire performance in Madison Sq. Garden on Youtube.

So today while waiting in line my dad sees Will Butler, Win's younger brother. Strikes up a conversation. Ends up getting a picture with Regine and Win. My jealousy is through the roof but somehow because he met them, I met them. It's like the world is saying "Yes, Ryan, keep practicing your accordion." I am also in the beginning stages of drafting a fan letter/love letter to Regine to tell her how awesome she is.

Adorable right?? Basically, if you have never listened to Arcade Fire please do. They talk about childhood lost and layer so many interesting sounds - I really love em. And you will too!


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  1. My bf is a giant fan of this band, and I've never gotten around to listening to them, but I'll check it out. The girl does have some amazing gloves.