These are my first Margiela's. So it's an important moment I wish to share with you all. I got them for like $200 at this sketch-tastic empire of creepiness on 1st & 13th. I don't even know what it's called or how to describe it really, it's like this crummy looking store that has all these super discounted designer shoes at the front (probably stolen off the loading dock, idk) and then random dust-covered childrens clothing at the back. I know about it from eating like five cookies a day at Birdbath (they're neighbors). Anyway, I'm always afraid to go in there alone due to the dudes who run it, I.E. two smarmy bastards from Queens who always engage me in uncomfortable conversation. So when my mom was in town last week we stopped by, and she actually found these for me. I'm excited to be werqin these giant clodhoppers into my summer wardrobe, which enevitably devolves into what feels like one too many sundresses. But what can you do in a NYC summer? It's too hot and melty to think or try. I'm hoping these will add an extra dose of sass if ya know what I mean. Anywho, I encourage all my fellow New Yorkers to make the trip to this nameless store and find some Summatime scores of your very own.


  1. I really like the hardware on your shoes. Nice find!

  2. i love those clogs!