Home Outfits & Henna

So I'm home. For the much awaited Spring Break. This means leaving the cold weather for sunny days. Ahhhh..

Hence the "spring" outfit:

I went to San Diego with some friends. We road tripped, laid on the beach together and chatted. It was wonderfully relaxing and food for the soul.

While vacationing we found a henna shop on Mission Beach. I was feeling daring and decided to get henna... on my face. I have to admit I like it, I felt daring and tribal? The reactions to the new face tat have been broad. From, "oh wow that's beautiful" to my dad's new coined phrase, "you've got something on your face". Anyway, it'll wash off in a few days. And strangely, if I ever got a tattoo (which I never ever would) I think I would want it to be on my face..


  1. loving the poncho and the henna tat is siic :)

    Lydz xX

  2. of course I love your dad, but when he gets a new "saying," you hear it a lot. Right? So, since you're going to hear it a lot, you might as well get a tattoo, or two.