Evolution of Style

I've been thinking about my personal style recently... Where does it come from?  Is it just an inborn impulse, or is it a skill we learn from those around us?
I think, maybe, it's a bit of both.

And if I've learned from anyone, it's been from the women close to me. The women I grew up watching get dressed in the morning and the women who bought me my first items of clothing.

Exhibit A:
My mother Cindy.
I always tell my mom that she's my style guru. Her combinations are thoughtful and her color palette suits her perfectly. But most importantly she wears what works on her.

Isn't she cute? Stylish? Amazing? Now you know my style secret. Also, all of these images were taken from her own style blog which I would highly recommend: http://puttingontheday.blogspot.com/

Exhibit B:
My grandmother Landra.
Grammy is also a style icon in our books. She is the best dressed grandma I have ever seen - no Christmas sweaters and ill fitting pants. (not to say that this can't be inspiring)

Now, if these stylish women over 40 don't give you hope for your fashion future, I don't know what else would.

I've come to realize that my personal style has been influenced by a strong heritage of women in my life.


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Ryan!
    I do think, though, that your style started when in kindergarten you insisted on putting your own outfits together. I was weary, particularly when you had combinations of plaid and stripes and polka dots all in one day. But when you got to school, all your friends were so impressed. See - even in kindergarten you knew exactly what the appropriate fashion was!

  2. you've never told me this! that makes me so happy that I was mixing plaids at such a young age!