Talkin' Post- Break Blues Photo Mashup Post Pt.1

So because I am a spoiled NYU student with an absurdly long Christmas break, I am just beginning to reemerge from post-break fesivities, back in to some form of reality. Some highlights of this happy, gooey womb-like haze of food, friends, family, and generally sitting on my derrière include: recieving a swoon-worthy Jean-Paul Gaultier sweater for Christmas, seeing some seriously great flicks, finally getting the Mia Farrow crop I've always dreamed of. (photos after le jump)

Ignore Chip's smirk.
 I loved this movie. I kind of expected it to be a crappy indie flick with strong performances, but the film was really well-made.

This is not me...or Mia Farrow for that matter, but this is what my hair now looks like, minus the ciggarette.

There are so many wondrous things I should have posted about over break when I had more than ample time. Instead, I just ate my way through too many cookies and watched Twin Peaks for hours on end, which is actually a not too shabby way to spend some time. Let's be real here. Speaking of sweaters with serious game (WHOAH ALLITERATION) here is Audrey Horne, my favorite character in TP wearing one that I covet. Perhaps I can convince Lala to recreate it for me. So much sass. Want. It.

Anywho, time was wasted (but simultaneously well-spent). I actually wanted to post a cliff notes version of all the things I wanted to post about over break, but my computer is being dumb. SO this commences Part 1 of my Post-break catchup post extraordinaire !  More to come. I know everyone is planning their life schedules around reading this next post.

All in all, a great break was had. But now I can't wait to get back to the city, start new classes, and reunite with my fellow Gotham Girl. See you soon Lala!

x Violette

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