We talk as soft as chalk

So last month Joanna Newsom played Carnegie Hall, and we had the delight and privilege to attend her performance. Here at Gotham Girls Joanna dominates our iTunes and provides a constant source of inspiration for us. This post is almost a whole month overdue, but the performance was absolutely unforgettable and completely haunting-- we're still obsessed. How could we not post? For those of you who aren't familiar with the brilliance that is J. News she is definitely worth looking up. She is an indie- folk, singer/songwriter, harpist/pianist, fey-voiced vocalist.  Her compositions are beatiful enough on their own, but her complex and literary lyrics chock full of encyclopedic references are what set her apart as a true artist. Seeing her live only increased our admiration-- she is a fantastic performer. Quite vampy and theatrical.

We also love her for her daring and experimental sartorial choices.  Always love a lady who's not afraid to frock up!

Not to mention her fantastic aesthetic. Check out the cover art...

And in my opinion, her most recent album "Have One On Me"  kicks Kanye's new album To. The. Curb. In terms of like best album of the year shenanigans. Hands down. If this most effusive post has sparked your interest in Joanna, which hopefully it has, here are the Gotham Girls' favorite listens:

Violette: Soft as Chalk & Peach, Plum, Pear

Lala: Good Intentions Paving Company & On a Good Day

Please listen & check her out !

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