If you haven't already noticed we, Gotham Girls, are hat fanatics!! Yes, I understand that hats are seemingly a thing of the past - when ladies were expected to wear matching gloves and hats (think the classic Jackie O pillbox combo). Whereas now people only don them in the depths of winter cold. But I find hats at the pinnacle of style expression and also the most challenging item to integrate into an outfit.

So, I would like to take a moment to spotlight NYC's own hat paradise... The Hat Shop. Located on Thompson between Prince and Spring Streets, The Hat Shop is a must stop for anyone traveling through or a local who, dare I say, has never been. I always stop and peek at the beautiful hats and then go to the amazing Greek hole in the wall across the street called SNACK. (they import all their olive oil from Greece yumm)

Here is my favorite hat I've purchased at The Hat Shop. It was a one of a kind made by a local New York milliner. I love buying local small designers, to me it's like buying my fruit at a farmers market.

Anyway, go take an adventure to The Hat Shop. It will be worth your while.



  1. Is that the hat you wore to the Inauguration?

  2. Yes! it is. You have a good memory.

  3. That is my all time favorite hat! You will have that for a lifetime, the prove of a great purchase!

  4. That is such a cute hat! Hats can be so fun!

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