Bye Bye Birdy

Every year as I return home for winter breaks, spring breaks, summer breaks, short breaks, etc. etc. I am plagued by my roots. Did I really come from the town whose motto is "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" or is known for its slutty show girls and gambling galore? Not only is this SO not me, it's also SO not comparable to the greatness of New York City.

But as my winter break concludes and I pack up to leave I am feeling nostalgic for:

1. The old signage:

2. Free yoga in the Arts District downtown
 "Ohmmmm shanti shanti, may peace be with you"

    3. Zip lining down Fremont Street:

4. My job. I have been working for Las Vegas local artist Tim Bavington, last summer and this winter. It is pretty much the best job a person could ask for. I mix paint, make boxes for paintings, listen to Howard Stern, make music drawings, and have fun with Tim and studio manager Joan. Double rainbow.

(this photo taken last summer in front of a huge shipment for a show in L.A.)

5. My family. Who I can lounge around with all day. Who plan their day around food (like me). Who smile at me when I'm silly and fight with me in a mean game of Scattegories. 

So, strangely, Vegas I will miss you. But New York City I will embrace you.

See you soon fellow Gotham Gal!

Signing off from Sin City,
It's Lala.

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